C.A.V. was established in 1981 to meet the increasingly demanding needs of body shops for efficient spray gun cleaning systems. In just 3 years C.A.V. was capable of designing, manufacturing and installing sanding dust removal systems using arms and mechanical suction systems. 

In the mid-80s C.A.V. developed a three-phase system for centralised suction, self-cleaning and dust removal for the bodywork sector.

In 1990 C.A.V. began a new industrial process focusing on single unit INVERTER-based suction systems with the advantage of having a consumption proportional to the number of users.

This was a major turning point since it allowed large companies with many operators to optimise power consumption. C.A.V. added to the frequency converter a sophisticated pressure control software in the centralised channel. 

In the mid-90s C.A.V. designed a series of adjustments for the installations dictated by the new requirements of modern body workmanship and of industry in general. A new integrated mobile system, the SMAI SYSTEM, was developed for suction, compressed air and electric installations.