SMAI System ®

SMAI system is an integrated mobile system designed and built by CAV to meet the complex needs of industry and body shops.
It is based on the tangible advantage of having a single system for suction, compressed air and electricity.
It is an intricate system of energy distribution, suction nozzles and compressed air connectors that uses air ducts and overhead stations, and is based on the technical convenience of having mobile control units.
They are completely modular overhead lines with ascending junctions and distribution units for uniform, complete coverage of operational needs in the workspace, allowing maximum manoeuvring freedom.

The benefits of the SMAI system:

  • Cleaning of the production chain
  • Optimisation of workspaces with efficient production cycles and increase in staff productivity
  • Minimisation of material handling with recovery of significant work times in the production process.
  • Reduced production downtimes by concentrating the systems in a single phase.
  • No cables on the production surface.
  • Use of only overhead stations.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Personalised design, specialised consulting and full-time dedicated support with specialised personnel and mobile rapid response units.