Self-cleaning filters

The self-cleaning filter system is based on a counter-current jet of air from the inside towards the outside of the filtering cartridge. The system uses a powerful and effective pneumatic rotary nozzle.
Placed just one centimetre away from the filtering wall, the blown air crosses the entire cartridge wall.
The compressed air flow generates a mechanical vibration on the cartridge wall, thus facilitating the falling of the dust and filtering wall porosity.

Automatic dust exhaust

The system consists of three sectors:
  • Vacuum chamber including rotary pneumatic dust removers for automatic filter cleaning
  • Filtering sector consisting of cartridges
  • Dust exhaust sector that includes the separating cyclone and the accumulation area with tank and nylon bag. The bag is kept in an optimal position by a vacuum system.
The accumulated dust is collected and in a few seconds it is possible to replace the nylon bag ready for disposal or storage.
This is the only manual operation. Today it is even simpler, faster and cleaner.