Inverter Technology

The extraction systems with inverter designed by C.A.V. feature an electronic system that optimises energy demand according to the number of sanders actually in use.

The inverter-equipped machine automatically compares the effective vacuum on the work line with the setting on the software that regulates the inverter itself. If the vacuum drops, the software increases motor speed by adjusting inverter output frequency; vice versa, motor speed is reduced.

This system is futly automatic, requires no work on the part of the operator and ensures constant vacuum values at the various system extraction ports. Resulting energy savings are considerable. These machines are also silent-running and maintenance is limited to just a few simple tasks.

The filtration unit (with filter-cleaning automatism) consists of the vacuum chamber, a section - with filtration cartridges featuring rotary pneumatic dust removers that clean the filters automatically - and a section for removal of accumulated dust. The dust is gathered in a disposal-ready nylon bag that can easily be removed and replaced by the operator.

For the machines SMD and SMDH the Inverter Technology is optional.